Solving Worry Problems

Best Method for solving worry problems-

  1. Analysed the situation fearlessly and honestly and figure out what was the worst that could possibly happen as a result of this failure.
  2. After figuring out what was the worst that could possibly happen, I reconciled myself to accepting it, if necessary.
  3. From that time on ,he should calmly devoted his time and energy to trying to improve upon the worst which I had already accepted mentally.
  4. If you have a worry problem, apply the magic formula of Willis H. Carrier by doing  ,these three things
    1. Ask Yourself “What is the worst that can possibly happen ? “
    2. Prepare to accept it if you have to
    3. Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are what & why & when and how & where & who. – Rudyard Kipling

Three steps to analyse and solve Problem:

  1. Get the facts
  2. Analyse the facts
  3. arrive at a decision and then act on that decision.

Two questions to solve worry:

  1. what am I worrying about ?
  2. What can I do about it ?

Apply these questions to your business problems :

  1. what is the problem?
  2. What is the cause of the problem ?
  3. What are all possible solutions to the problem ?
  4. What solution do you suggest ?


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